The Journey Begins

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The Arab slave trade lasted from 700 to 1911 AD.  
The European slave trade began in Africa 1441 when the first shipment of African slaves were sent directly from Africa to Portugal.  The Portuguese would come to dominate the gold, spice and slave trade for almost a century before other European nations became involved.
Britain begins its slave trade in Africa in 1562. Slave trade increases significantly with development of plantation colonies of the Americas, especially in Brazil. Other countries involved in the European slave trade included Spain (from 1479); North America (from 1619); Holland (from 1625); France (from 1642); Sweden (from 1647); and Denmark (from 1697).

Defended Village

H.12 x W.40 x D.12 inches     

Wire and Aluminum, 1991   Portfo #


At an exhibition in Fort Worth the artist strikes a pose with a work titled Defended Village.


Kidnapping of Olaudah

In the mid-1700s, when Olaudah Equiano was 10 or 11, he and his sister were kidnapped while their parents were working in the fields in what is now Nigeria.  They were sold to different people and Olaudah never saw his family again. 

Congo Captive

One moment a man might be walking to his fields to tend to his crops and the next caught in a net, and taken away.

Journey To The Coast

 1991, h. 27 x w. 70 x d. 9"


Journey To The Coast IV

1992, h.23 x w.43 x d.11 inches

Overnight Resting

 H. 24 x  W. 12 x   D. 11 inches  

Wire and Aluminum, Portfo # 110