The Coast

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Captives from tribes throughout Africa were gathered in "factories" to await ships to transport them to the "New World."


H. 28  W.18   D.18 inches  1993  Portfolio #49






H.13  W.24  D.11 inches,  1994  Portfolio #79






H15 W24 D16" 1994  Portfolio #57

Sugar Cane Workers

H. 22"   W. 24"   D. 11"   Portfo # 137 


In the 1700s sugar was the single largest 

internationally traded commodity on the

world market.  At one point sugar

accounted for one fifth of all English

imports and was also a major crop for

French and Dutch held countries in the

New World. 


Source:  Without Consent Or Contract,

 Robert W. Fogel, WW Norton & Co. NY,  1989 

Field Hands

H16 W24  D11"  1995  P#128

Field Hands

H16 W24  D11"  1995  P#128